Wordle has become a sensation in itself. The game is still played by many people across the globe, with a lot of them maintaining streaks that last several days on end. Wordle allows users to guess a new five-letter word every day and gives them six tries to correctly guess it. As so many people are keen to not let their streak end, they play Wordle every day to test their vocabulary. However, at times the six tries that the game provides are not enough, and users are very often left with one or two attempts before they can guess further.

For this, people like us step in. We bring you every day’s Wordle answer so you don’t have to let go of that streak, even if you were not able to guess in the first five tries and are on your last.

Today’s Wordle Word of the Day is MOVIE. Movie is a term used for a motion picture or film that is released in the cinema. Movies are a big part of the entertainment industry across the world. So, if you are having trouble guessing today’s Wordle (March 17, 2022), it is MOVIE.

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Wordle allows users to guess a different five-letter word every day in six attempts. Once a user guesses any word, they can see green, yellow, and black tiles for different alphabets. Yellow means that the letter is there in the word, but at a different place, green means that the letter is right there in that spot, and black means that this alphabet does not belong to the word of the day.

Wordle, the word guessing game rose to popularity late last year as people across the world started playing this game and sharing their results and streaks on social media. The game’s rise was phenomenal and it led to The New York Times company buying the game for its gaming arm for an undisclosed “seven-figure” amount.

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Wordle was earlier this year bought by The New York Times Company for an undisclosed “seven-figure” price from its founder Josh Wardle. Since the acquisition, the game has moved to The New York Times’ website. When the merger took place, several people reported having issues with the game and losing their streaks. Now, those issues have faded and Wordle is as good as it was in the beginning.

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