Blogging is one of the easiest and impactful ways of expressing yourself online. The ultimate benefit comes when you also start earning a good amount of money.

Many people are jumping on the bandwagon of the blogging journey. If you are one of those who are considering starting a blog but are not sure whether it will be worth it, then this article is for you.

There is already lots of competition in blogging, but there is always an untapped market. It is hard to earn from blogging initially, but that should not stop you from starting a blog.

12 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog in 2022

why blog and reasons to start blogging

Earning income is not the only reason why you start a blog. Here are 12 reasons why you should start blogging:

1. It’s affordable to start blogging

Blogging is one of the most affordable ways to make a healthy income online. It is possible to generate enough money to pay your bills and more from blogging.

If you have a passion for writing, then blogging is something where you can start growing your business and monetize your passion.

Starting a blog is cheap, but it is not free. You need to buy two things to start a blog, domain name and hosting service.

Usually, it costs $10 to $15 to purchase a domain name for a year. There are a lot of platforms where you can get your preferred domain name. After getting the domain name, you need to purchase a hosting service. Web hosting services come with different features and prices. So look out for the one that is the cheapest and also provides your essential components.

2. You are your boss

Almost everyone starts blogging because writing is their hobby. Writing about the things they enjoy or in something they are experts in.

It is all up to them what to write and when to write. Blogging is a creative passion that needs a creative mind to put visionaries into words. This is because you must become your boss in the blogging niche.

Writers or bloggers don’t get the best ideas and thoughts all the time. This is why they need time to arrange everything from the writing medium to research.

With all this, blogging gives you the freedom to work on your terms and get paid for it. The best part of being a blogger is that you are your boss.

3. Increases your confidence

Blogging may not be the best way to increase your confidence, but it indeed puts you out of your comfort zone that you eventually become confident.

As you grow your audience on your website through blogging, your writings which depict your personality will get seen by many people. You will receive feedback, and people will feel more engaged and connected to you.

This will result in you learning how to present yourself in front of many people. Well, at least digitally, but it will also affect your mindset positively.

Well-established bloggers express their opinions and ideas without any hesitation. That is the sole purpose of blogging, and the earlier you start doing the same, the early you increase your confidence.

4. You can earn good money

The internet is full of things in written form. Do you know what these writings are worth, especially if you become a well-known writer?

Making money from blogging is undoubtedly possible. I’m not talking about earning a few bucks and here and there. I’m talking about livelihood income that takes care of you and your family.

However, it is not one-night progress to become at a well-earning level, you need to be patient and put lots of effort into your blogging journey.

Grow your brand and audience on the internet. Gain leads and traffic from organic search engines. Invest back in your blogging business as soon as you start making money.  Eventually, you will earn good money from blogging.

5. Improve your writing ability

90% of Blogging consists of writing, and the rest is about editing and customizing the website. When you start writing blogs, you learn about your topics. But you will also learn about writing abilities.

You improve your writing by having the skills to write clearly and concisely. Your articles become more engaging and have a high-quality delivery in the blog. You become more flexible in terms of your writing tones as well.

Your copywriting skills will also improve by a mile if you blog about affiliate products and services. Some of the blogs you have written in the beginning will be boring and not engaging. But showing consistency in your blogs will improve your writing ability.

6. Learn new skills

Blogging helps in developing new skills. Whether writing skills or technical, blogging can be a jack of all trades. When setting up a blog website, some hurdles require technical skills to proceed through it. You gain new skills as you start running your websites and customizing your blogs.

Similarly, as you start posting blogs day in and day out, you will automatically improve your writing skills, mainly how you deliver your storytelling. The best part is that you will not even feel like you are learning these things, it just happens while you are focused on your main goal.

7. To build your online brand

You can blog about almost anything since there are tons of niches to choose from. Some niches are saturated, while others allow tapping into the new market. Whatever it is, you can certainly build your online brand with proper content and marketing campaigns.

Building an online brand as a blogger can benefit business deals and income.

When you blog about specific topics, you gain an audience who knows about you and your blogs. This contributes to the growth of your online brand.

Now companies and businesses will start sponsoring your blogs, and you can promote their products and services.

8. Opens the Doors of Opportunity

Blogging shows your personality to your audience, it also shows it to businesses and potential clients. Blogging opens the doors of opportunities in the form of business deals, exclusive product hands-on, sponsors, and publishing deals.

When your blogs start to grow, it also attracts other businesses. You will increase your brand and your financial stability through these windows of opportunities that you get.

9. Share Your Story

You can share your story and become your own media company with your blogging website. You can share your experience without sugar-coating anything or telling things you don’t support.

Blogging is a hobby that you can monetize, and what’s better than earning from something you enjoy doing, right? You don’t have to do complex research about what you want to write since everything comes from within and your creativity.

Sharing ideas and fictional stories are a big part of blogging, and people with creative minds can assure their dominance in this field.

10. Meet New People

The blogging communities worldwide are massive, and you have no idea how blogging can be the start of your flourishing social life. With blogging, you meet like-minded people, which is simply the most significant thing. You can talk about things you enjoy and never get bored of it.

Meeting new people on blogging starts with your blogs and their comments sections. You begin interacting with people regularly, and over time there will be a sense of togetherness and social connection.

Some may also reach out to you through the mail and end up catching a coffee with them in a real-life meet-up at your nearest café.

11. To Share Knowledge

A blogger blogs about something he knows about. Even if he does not know everything about the topic he writes about, he researches and learns about it.

Knowing and having a firm grip on the topic allows bloggers to share their knowledge with their readers. There is a sense of fulfillment when sharing wisdom and seeing people getting positive results or experiences from it.

Almost all bloggers will write about the things they know, and sharing about it will always be beneficial for their readers and the bloggers themselves.

12. Validate Expertise

If you want to be seen as having expertise about a specific topic, that topic would be the topics you write about in your blogs. Your blogs can be viewed as your resume, and readers and employers will think that you are an expert in those topics you write about in your blogs.

Blogs validate the expertise, and it allows a company to quickly understand your capabilities judging by your blogs. For example, if I want to be seen as an expert in parenting and get hired as a content writer, I will need to start blogging on my website.

You don’t have to tell them what you are good at, just giving them a preview of your blogs can give your employer a sense of confidence in you.


Blogging is a tried and tested way of earning money online. It has established its domain on the internet, and the earlier you start as a blogger, the earlier you will reap the benefits. The journey of blogging is not easy, especially in the beginning. You might have to keep posting blogs for a couple of months until you start earning a few bucks. Almost every successful blogger starts slow and with zero income for months, but their consistency and desire to grow to make them a successful blogger today.