Two Point Studios might be currently working on Two Point Campus but they’re not done with their modern take on Theme Hospital with the Two Point Hospital: Speedy Recovery DLC out now.

Speedy Recovery brings with it a new game mode, where you take command of an “extraordinary fleet of innovative and unorthodox ambulances”. As incidents pop up via a new ‘Dispatch’ button, you use your new fleet of vehicles to deliver patients to hospitals all over Two Point County while you also cure their ailments. Actually sounds like a pretty great little expansion, much more interesting than the previous additions.

With it you get three new locations and features three new, fully animated treatment rooms. There’s also 19 new illnesses, although only 6 are new visually like Under the Weather, Hive Mind and Snow Problem and they come with their new curing machines like the Honey Trap.

Available to buy on Humble Store and Steam.

Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.