Photos have become an integral part of today’s digital age. Many industries rely on good-quality photographs in order to grow and succeed in their business. From advertising products to marketing skills, photos are able to define the business. They often become the foremost tool for clients in differentiating which businesses or products to patronize. This is why adding a unique touch to photos is extremely important. A background removal tool is a simple and yet effective way to do just that.

Background Remover in a Nutshell

What a background remover basically does is to remove or cut out any unwanted object or the whole background of an image. Photographers, online sellers, and e-commerce portals are the main industries where a background removal tool is essential.

There are many photo editing services providers that offer to remove background from image free of charge. Among these providers, only a few are able to produce professional-quality results.

Highlighted below are the ten of the best free tools that can remove background from any image.   

Top 10 Background Removal Tools

1. Removal.ai

Removal.AI - background removal tool
Removal.ai is an innovative Artificial Intelligence technology used to remove background from images. The team behind Removal.ai is an established photo post-processing company, encompases by experienced photo editors and retouchers. If you need the highest quality results, outstanding outputs are created manually by the editors if the output from AI isn’t able to do it (but is constantly smart learning). Clients also get to enjoy a fast turnaround time, with as fast as 24 hours.

Although it’s free, a paid subscription is also available for higher resolution images. The price range goes as low as $0.05 per image for 75,000 images or $3,799 per month. There are also packages intended for small-scale industries, like the $8.00 package for 40 images per month or only $0.20 per image. This is very affordable especially for photographers and other businesses that deal with either a few or thousands of images on a monthly basis. A free trial is available for those who want to see firsthand how incredible Removal.ai is.

2. Remove.bg

Remove.bg - Background Remover
Another tool that closely resembles the technology behind Removal.ai is Remove.bg. It is effective in creating transparent backgrounds for images so that they will be easier to edit for other uses. Free version allows you to download 612 × 408 resolutions only.

It also offers a free trial for their service. Although it also uses AI technology, their subscription fees are higher compared to Removal.ai. For instance, the 40 images package would cost $9.00 while the 75,000 images package is at $5,450.

3. Clippingmagic.com

Clippingmagic.com - Background Removal
Clipping Magic is also a fully- automatic tool to remove photo backgrounds. It promises an effortless method of preparing images for further edits. The tool also includes a few functions, like crop and color adjust, to create professional results. The pricing is a bit more expensive for this tool with the lowest package at $3.99 per month for only 15 credits or images.

4. Inpixio.com

Inpixio.com - Background Remover
InPixio is a good tool if you are having photos that are for product catalog use. It is a practical method of removing backgrounds from photos so that they can be repurposed. While it seems easy to use, it can be a little difficult to navigate through the tool as you need to concentrate on highlighting the areas that are needed to be removed. Pricing for its services are not disclosed on the site which forces those who are interested to contact the company first. This is inconvenient since clients usually check for the prices first for comparison to other providers.

5. Autoclipping.com

Autoclipping.com - Free Background Remover
Autoclipping does automatic background removal in order to allow recreation of photos for other uses. It provides a space, called an Artboard, where the finished images can be dragged into and place decorations and text layers. Using the online editor is free but users will have to pay for downloading the edited images. They offer 5 free downloads for non-commercial use but the next downloads will be charged, depending on the purchased subscription. You may choose to pay for $9.99 for a monthly download of up to 300 images or a no-subscription account for up to 200 downloads at $ 14.99.


Among the top background remover applications listed above, only Removal.AI is able to provide a seamless experience in removing backgrounds. It is simple to use and yet the results are always amazing. The use of AI technology ensures a faster processing of images, without too much effort coming from the user. This is very convenient for industries that are in need of thousands of high-quality images for a variety of applications. The competitive pricing is also great, especially because you really get to enjoy professional-quality photos every single time.