Bean and Nothingness is one we missed from February that added a Linux version and it appears like it might be a great pick if you love tile-based puzzlers.

In the game you wield a special wand that can turn beans into monsters, which varies based on what recipes are available during each puzzle. It’s pretty unique sounding and it looks quite sweet too but sadly it’s gone pretty unnoticed. To progress you create, manipulate, and destroy these monsters in the right places and at the right times; they can both help you and hinder you as you try to solve each puzzle.

Quite a lot of content to play through too, with the developer saying there’s over 180 puzzles where the difficulty ranges from easy to “extremely challenging” so it might be quite the brain-tickler further in.

Expect puzzles that:

  • Challenge you to come up with creative ideas
  • Require you to make efficient use of resources
  • Test your ability to manage “tactics”-like, grid-based interactions

Additional Features

  • A colour-blind-friendly mode gives the beans distinct shapes.
  • Controller is supported, although the game is best experienced on keyboard.
  • Controls are customizable.

Available on Steam.

Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.