There’s always buzzy new trends and concepts in the skin care space, but if there’s one that has staying power it’s skin longevity. While “anti-aging” practices may be geared toward quick fixes and temporary solutions, skin longevity is all about keeping your skin healthy in the long term. And to do so, we recommend looking at multiple avenues. Of course, what you put on your skin is going to have dramatic effects on skin quality: You need to stick to a quality skin care routine that strengthens the barrier, improves collagen production, nurtures the biome, and keeps your skin hydrated. 

But you should also go internal by supporting your skin and body with the right nutrients. There are several key nutrients, phytonutrients, and specialized bioactives that support your skin, hair, and overall health as you age—so your body not only feels young, but looks and acts younger, too.* Here, we’ve outlined our favorites, along with some help on how to look for beauty and “anti-aging” supplements in general.* 

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter where you are in life when you start investing in your beauty regimen and taking care of your skin. It’s just important that you made the decision to tend to yourself in thoughtful, well-rounded, and well-formulated ways.