In fact, until Pluto shifts into its annual five-month backspin on April 29, we’ll enjoy an “all planets direct” period, where not a single member of our solar system is in reverse. If you want to strike while the intergalactic iron is hot, this three-month phase flashes a string of green lights.

Just make sure to check your GPS before you hit the accelerator on Tuesday, February 8. Rabble rouser Uranus in Taurus syncs up with wildcat Mars in Capricorn, giving everyone a case of whiplash. Just because you’re now in “drive” (or maybe fifth gear!) doesn’t mean you should speed off into the sunset. With both planets in structured earth signs, create processes and workflow systems before you start throwing around cash. Or maybe you simply need to modernize the ones you have Mars is a trailblazer by nature—and in Capricorn more of a savvy early adopter. Curve-setting Uranus rules technology, and in Taurus, it rewards simplicity.

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