The makeup world is ever-evolving, with new tips, tricks, and products launching what feels like every day. And even for the makeup obsessed, this can mean staying on top of trends and application methods so that your look is timeless rather than dated. But at the same time, some makeup products can feel more intimidating than others. 

And never was this more true than with eyeshadow. While eyeshadow is considered a staple item that isn’t going anywhere, it’s come a long way from its origin story. Eye makeup has been around since before the time of Cleopatra. But with so many options from powders to creams, to liquids, and even glossy looks, it’s completely understandable if you walk down the makeup aisle and feel overwhelmed.

Thankfully, we’re sharing some essential how-tos, along with tips from industry pros so that you’ll always have the perfect eye look!