Getting ready to get inked? Considering it’s a (potentially) lifelong bodily adornment, you might be putting extra attention into every single choice you make along the way. Of course, that starts with the major ones: location, design, artist, technique, and so on. But additional choices that are not to be overlooked are how you tend to your new tattoo post session. Yes, aftercare of your tattoo can be the difference between a beautiful, well-crafted design and one that will call for some much-needed touch-ups faster than expected. 

The most important aspect of aftercare is simply listening to your artist, and their advice. Because aftercare can differ slightly depending on inks, colors, location, and size, they’ll have more personalized advice for you—including how long to keep the bandage on, when you can wash it, and if it may require regular tune ups. 

Additionally, your artist will likely tell you to regularly apply a moisturizer to keep the freshly inked skin healthy and support the healing process. If you’re looking for one to use, here are some solid options: