Revealed at the [email protected] Showcase yesterday, developer Rose City Games confirmed that it will be bringing its turn-based card-battler, Floppy Knights, to Xbox One, PC, and Mac in Q2 2022. In addition, the game will also launch on Xbox’s subscription service, Game Pass.

Accompanying the news is a new trailer showcasing the whimsical deck-building mayhem players can expect when it releases later this year. Feel free to check out the footage below:

Fusing turn-based tactical gameplay with strategic deck-building mechanics, Floppy Knights is a colorful world brimming with delightful characters to meet and weird critters to slay.

The soundtrack is being composed by sound designer Grahm Nesbitt, who previously worked on the charming adventure title, Garden Story. If you fancy listening to Floppy Knights’ soundtrack, you can do so through here. It’s pretty catchy!

For more information, here’s a general overview via an official press release we received recently:

Embark on an adventure as the brilliant programmer Phoebe and her clever, trusted robot-arm–and her own invention!–Carlton. Experiment with the mighty Floppy Knights, floppy disks turned into tangible projections of plants, monsters, and other collectible battle creatures, before entering the annual Gadget Cup to snag the winner’s cash prize. Help townsfolk in need, earn some quick cash, and get Phoebe’s parents off her case about finding “real” employment by taking on odd jobs around town.

Engage in turn-based tactical combat with a deck filled with Phoebe’s creations, such as Succulent Kickers, skateboarding ghosts, and the fearsome Big Mad. Master main objectives to advance to the next level while completing secondary missions to win BigCoins and craft new cards. Upgrade cards in-battle to empower them with stronger attacks and expand the deck by unlocking new cards at Phoebe’s workshop.

Become a local hero by saving crops from starving Goblin Grunts, rescuing an Ogre trapped at the base of an active volcano, and preventing the postponement of the Science Fair. Craft a deck strong enough to battle no-good Troublemakers, monstrous BeheMoths, and gooey slimes. Face Alex, Phoebe’s archenemy and major copycat, as she tries to shake her down at every turn with her own snarky robot companion Snarlton.

Build Plant, Monster, and Hooligan decks by unlocking new categories of cards. Plants like Commander Vera are friendly and helpful in restoring units’ health with sunbathing boosts. Mean monsters like Jessica and the Quiver Kid make for great offensive cards capable of awesome damage combos with extra attacks or stronger blows at the cost of self-inflicted damage. Meanwhile, sneaky hooligans always have a buff card up their sleeves. Teen Spirits may be cute, but with the right card, they can hit all surrounding enemies at once and knock them back a few spots.

Floppy Knights launches later this year on PC and Xbox One.