Samsung is finally taking concrete steps to work out the app throttling issue which has plagued the company in the past week. The new revelations meant that recent Galaxy S series phones were removed from the benchmark sites. It has issued an update to fix the problem faced by users.

And now, the company’s chief executive officer has apologised for the ongoing controversy. Samsung DX CEO JH Han was speaking in front of the shareholders and admitted that the company was unable to look at customers’ concerns over the issue. In fact, he even bowed in apology to show his seriousness on the matter.

Samsung has faced charges of manipulating the performance of its devices, which includes the latest Galaxy S22 series. The company was found to have used the Game Optimisation Service (GOS) app to limit the performance of apps, especially gaming apps. The news came out last week after a few YouTubers tried benchmark apps on the phones and discovered that Samsung was using wrongful practices without informing the customers about it.

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Since then, Samsung has issued a software update in its home market to fix the issue, but customers are not satisfied with the action. In fact, they want Samsung to let them remove the GOS app completely from their device.

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The company also faces investigation from the Fair Trade Commission in South Korea, alleging the company of over-selling the performance of the Galaxy S22 smartphone.

The Galaxy S22 series goes up against Apple in the premium segment. And for the company make such manipulations doesn’t bode well. The trust factor is really important, and Samsung should know this better than most brands out there.

The new update to fix the GOS issue is yet to reach global markets, where the new phones have launched.


We are hoping Samsung has a concrete plan to get that rectified at the earliest.

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