If you stay in a rented apartment then getting an air conditioner (AC) on rent may make more sense given the fact that you need to shift houses frequently. Another aspect of renting ACs is the cost of installation and relocation is mostly included in the rent that you have already paid for the AC. You have plenty of online platforms catering to the demand for a short-term loaner of ACs which becomes the need of the hour during summers every year.

So, instead of spending big on buying an AC, why not rent it from services that not only give you the product but also take care of its delivery and maintenance as well. Here are some of the online rental platforms that can easily let you rent AC online today.

Note: Go through the terms and conditions and also clear all doubts with the customer support team before paying money to any online platform. And also, verify the authenticity of the website.

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The first platform on our list is available on Android, web and iOS and you can avail of its rental services in major chunks of cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon, Chennai and Bengaluru among others. Rentomojo offers free relocation and upgrades, depending on how long you plan to rent the ac. Its lineup starts from Rs 1,399 per month and you have to a minimum refundable deposit of Rs 1,949 to rent a 1-ton split air conditioner. Rentomojo charges Rs 1,500 as installation fees, which includes water pipe for the item.

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CityFurnish is another rental service catering to the demands of AC during the summers. Its service is present in Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bengaluru. If you want a rent a 1-ton window AC, CityFurnish charges you Rs 1,069 every month, which also includes Rs 1,000 installation charges and a refundable deposit of Rs 2,749. While for a 1-ton split AC the rental cost goes up to Rs 1,249 per month, Rs 1,500 to install the AC and Rs 2,799 as the refundable deposit.

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Fairent is probably more appealing with its services and the fact that its overall package is covered in the monthly cost. If you get a 1.5-ton window AC from this platform, your monthly rent will be Rs 1,375 which is inclusive of the installation cost as well as the stabiliser bundled with the unit. Fairent also offers free wet and dry services throughout the rental tenure of the AC. Fairent has special long-term plans if you intend to keep it for the whole season.

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And the final option where you can rent ac online is Rentloco. The platform has a window ac and a split ac option for consumers, with a monthly rental of Rs 1,299 and Rs 1,599 respectively. Rentloco requires a minimum rental tenure of three months, and it asks for a refundable deposit of Rs 1,532 for a 1.5-ton window AC.


In addition to the monthly rent, you also have the one-time installation charge of Rs 500.

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