The latest episode of Peaky Blinders caught everyone by surprise. After losing Polly four years ago, Thomas Shelby has lost someone else in the show.

Spoilers: This post contains spoilers for Peaky Blinders Season 6 Episode 3.

In the first episode of Peaky Blinders, Tommy learns that his daughter, Ruby, is sick. After learning about his daughter’s sickness, Thomas decides to head back to London. On one side, Lizzie believes that Ruby’s sickness can be treated with medical treatment. However, Tommy thinks that there’s something more to Ruby’s disease.

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Peaky Blinders | Series 6 Trailer | BBC



Peaky Blinders | Series 6 Trailer | BBC






Here’s How Ruby Dies in Peaky Blinders

In the latest episode, Tommy and Lizzie take Ruby to the hospital, where doctors confirm that their daughter has Consumption, also known as Tuberculosis. At first, Ruby’s one lung was infected; however, the infection spreads quickly to both the lungs. The doctors suggest two treatments to cure the disease, but they ultimately decide to go with the Gold Salts treatment.

On the other hand, Tommy thinks that the reason behind Ruby’s sickness is a curse. So, Tommy finds Esme Shelby, John Shelby’s wife, thinking that she is the person who cursed his daughter. However, Tommy soon realizes that he was wrong about Esme, and it’s Evadne Barwell who might be behind the curse.

Apparently, Tommy left a cursed Sapphire Stone to Bethany Barwell, Evadne’s sister. He did warn Bethany about the stone, but she gave it to her sister nonetheless. Evadne then put that stone on her daughter’s neck, who died the same day at the age of seven. After that, Evadne cursed Thomas Shelby to get vengeance.

So, Tommy decides to find that woman and ask her to lift the curse. However, neither Tommy’s efforts nor the doctor’s treatment was enough to save Ruby, as she dies at the end of the episode.