Manchester United star Paul Pogba revealed that his family were a victim of a burglary on the same night his team went to play in the Champions League on March 16. The France player is offering reward for anyone who provides information of the horrific incident that took place on Wednesday night.

However, this is not the first time any sports celebrity was horrified by such incident. Recently in 2021 December, Manchester City player Joao Cancelo was attacked by four and he even got hurt when he tried to resist the assault.

On the horrific incident Pogba tweeted:

“Last night our family’s worst nightmare was realised when our home was broken into and burglarised while our babies were sleeping in their bedroom,”

“The burglars were in our home for less than five minutes but in that time they took from us something more valuable than anything we had in our home… our sense of safety and security.”

Clearly, the United star with his wife was horrified as his children were asleep and anything could’ve happened at that point of time. He also explained the plan of the burglars, how they timed the robbery at the exact day when Pogba would be away for the UCL Atletico clash.

“This occurred during the final minutes of last night’s match when they knew I wouldn’t be home. My wife and I rushed home not knowing if our children were safe and unharmed. As a father there is no feeling worse in this world than not being there to protect your children and I sincerely hope that no one ever has to feel what I felt last night.”

Paul Pogba has set a reward for information relating to the incident at his home. Pogba featured in the UCL clash as a second-half substitute for the Red Devils but coudn’t turn the game around as Atletico Madrid advanced to the Last-8 with a 1-0 win over United at Old Trafford.