It’s not released yet but Path of Exile is getting a fresh Beta update to bring gamepad support, and the developer has asked people with a Steam Deck to get testing when it’s up. One of the most popular free to play RPGs around, Path of Exile regularly sees over 30,000 players online at the same time each day.

Like a lot of developers, they of course want their game to work well on Deck. In the announcement they said the upcoming 3.17.3 Patch will bring Beta support for gamepads. It will stay in Beta until the 3.18 expansion. Once live, you’ll be able to change the Input Method in the options simply to “Gamepad (Beta)”.

Once it’s up, I’ll be giving it a test to see how it feels and will likely do a new video. Be sure to follow GamingOnLinux on YouTube for when that goes live.

Will you be playing Path of Exile on Steam Deck? Do you already play it on a Linux desktop? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.