The Sims world never felt more alive.

If you have been dabbling in The Sims 4, you would already know that your active household is always getting all of the attention. As such, the Sims around you might not always have the same rich life that they deserve. While a free update last November gave those with connections to the active household more options, the latest Neighborhood Stories update for The Sims 4 will bring active life changes for everyone in the game.

This means that your neighbors will live their lives and experience all sorts of events. They might be adopting young Sims into their households, become pregnant, pet owners, and even make changes to their careers. Households can also move into and out of lots, and may even perish in all kinds of accidents.

Neighborhood Stories management in The Sims 4

This Neighborhood Stories update for The Sims 4 will let the rest of your world have richer and fuller lives that will evolve over time, but more importantly, players will have a degree of control over how it affects their game:

  • Independent configurations for My Households vs. Other Households. 
    For each group of households in a particular tab, you can choose to enable or disable each type of life change and even disallow all Neighborhood Stories for those households. This provides a fast and easy way to decide what happens to played households in My Households, versus Other Households out in the world.
    • By default, Neighborhood Stories is enabled for Other Households and disabled for My Households. 
    • Household-specific configurations: Each and every household can have its own configuration, allowing you to tailor life changes that make sense to that household’s storyline.
    • Global enable/disable setting: Neighborhood Stories can be entirely disabled under Game Options using the “Reset Custom Configurations” Button.

With so much happening around, players might also not be aware of the various life changes that are taking place around them. To understand what has happened recently, players will be able to utilize their mailbox and use the new Check Recent Neighborhood Stories interaction.