YouTube Vanced video streaming app has been shut down after Google raised a legal complaint against the platform. Vanced is a YouTube premium version clone app that lets you stream videos ad-free and in the background. Vanced founders confirmed the service will be shutting down in the coming days, and all the download links will be removed.

Vanced Official Twitter handle mentioned that those using the app on their phone can continue using it. But they won’t be getting any more updates, so in all probability, within 2 years the app will become unusable.

Vanced is basically a premium version of the YouTube app which is usable for free and helps you rid of all the annoying video ads that you get with the free YouTube sign up these days. Vanced has its own version of the black theme, and its popularity has definitely spiked the interest after the latest news.

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And those who use the platform regularly are not pleased with the update. In fact, they have started scrolling the web for other platforms that offer Vanced-liked services. So, if you are also keen on services that let you block YouTube ads for content, you can try these instead:


Another Vanced-like service for YouTubers, who get free access to all the videos on Android smartphones. NewPipe offers premium features like play content in the background, ad-free video streaming, an option to download the videos, and picture-in-picture mode is available as well. Since NewPipe is not linked to Google in any way, you cannot play content from the middle, and even the user interface will probably take you a while to get used to.

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Another option for freeloaders is YMusic which is much closer to YouTube than NewPipe. You can stream music on the app, which might sound limiting to some of a few, but the option to play music, that too without ads, and in the background is probably something that most of us would happily get. Add to that, YMusic gives you the download option.


SkyTube is another alternative to Vanced that offers its services without having to sign in to your Google ID. The content will stream ad-free and users can subscribe to the channels, create a playlist as well and even block the channels which you don’t want to see on the feed.

UBlock Origin

With UBlock Origin, you can sign in to your Google account, which means you get browsing history and the ability to comment on videos if required. You can try out this add-on extension on the Firefox browser to get ad-free YouTube videos and other sites as well.

Kiwi Browser

Another non-app option for users is Kiwi Browser which is also built on the Chromium engine like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It supports web extensions that can be installed to stream ad-free videos, and you get to sign in to your account for other features like sync watch history, give comments, etc.

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According to reports, the Vanced team was sent a cease and desist letter from Google, which clearly stated the platform needs to remove all the references to YouTube, change the logo, and remove all the links that are related to YouTube or its products.

We are not sure why Google has decided to take action on Vanced after all these years. It is possible that YouTube premium has a lot of royalty content, it wanted to avoid any legal discourses in the future from publishers or music studios.

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YouTube premium, the original app, lets you stream videos, download the content and more importantly, you can play the content without having the screen turned on.

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