Lorn’s Lure: Prologue is basically a demo of a very moody looking first-person adventure, where you control an android being led through some vast structure while climbing all over the place.

“Lorn’s Lure: Prologue is an atmospheric narrative first-person platformer with novel climb-anything mechanics and modernized retro 3D graphics. Leaving his home colony while tracking a mysterious glitch, an android finds himself in the midst of a vast and dangerous structure, completely hidden from his people’s knowledge. Unable to go back, you must keep going to find out where he is being led.”

After fumbling about in it myself for a while, I can safely say it suckered me right in. Brilliant atmosphere and there’s really nothing I can think of that feels like it. Going to watch Lorn’s Lure with great interest.

At a glance:

  • Dark foreboding atmosphere
  • Retro 90s PC graphics, with a modern flair.
  • Uncover mysterious lore as you travel into the depths.
  • Jump, climb, slide, and scan your way around difficult challenges, using simple mechanics.
  • No “Parkour Ledges”. Climb almost any vertical wall face using your pickaxes!
  • It’s a tough game, but not frustrating! Mistakes are not punished by redoing lengthy sections.
  • Play fast or slow. Take in the sights as you traverse, or play as fast as a speed runner.

Prologue Features (compared with their older demo):

  • Controller support
  • Completely new aesthetic
  • Quality, gameplay, and Audio settings, and a more robust main menu
  • High scores summary available from the level select menu
  • A secret unlockable challenge level
  • Fixes for design issues in the last demo
  • Many bug fixes that increase the quality level and smoothness of gameplay!

Check it out on Steam and itch.io.

Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.