It turns out a high-quality, bioavailable, organic D3 source that is easily absorbed and effective in the body is the solution that D-deprived folks need.* There’s an extremely high chance you’re not getting enough vitamin D—no, really, 93% of Americans are failing to meet their daily vitamin D needs from diet alone.*

If you’re a part of this vast majority, you’ll want to take a D3 supplement with an effective amount of the nutrient, plus built-in absorption (i.e., a fat source), to raise and maintain vitamin D levels in the body and support whole-body health efficiently.*

In addition to the sustainably sourced organic algal vitamin D3, mindbodygreen’s vitamin D3 potency+ includes a trio of organic olive, flax, and avocado oils (all in one gelcap per day), so you can rest assured D is doing its thing, no matter when you take it.*

According to these mbg reviewers, vitamin D3 potency+ is exactly the potent, absorbable solution they need to meet their vitamin D needs each day.*