A bit of banter took place between Rajasthan Royals Twitter account admin and their star spinner Yuzvendra Chahal on Wednesday (March 16). 

In the morning, Chahal warned the RR admin that he would hack into the account after they trolled him for his eating habits. 

Here’s all that happened. 

RR admin further trolled Chahal through a Nayak film meme, stating that what he was talking about is not practical. 

However, soon, Chahal got the passwords and logged in to RR account, and the first thing he did was announce himself as the new captain of the franchise. 

Apparently, he also sent a cheesy message to their opening batter and wicketkeeper Jos Buttler. Not only that, Chahal also asked R Ashwin where he was and that he had forgotten him as someone else has come into his life.

Of course this was a scripted banter between the two. RR is known to be a funny Twitter account who engage in these banters with their own players and what transpired on Wednesday was trailer of what we could see on a daily basis during IPL 2022, which kickstarts on March 26.