Blogging on Instagram is on it’s peak and Instagram influencers have built massive businesses around one social network. Are they celebrities or legends? Nah – anyone can start a blog on Instagram and become an instagram blogger.

Whether you want to start a lifestyle blog on Instagram, or maybe, start a travel blog on Instagram, this guide will walk you through all steps to start a blog on Instagram and get paid.

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According to business insider, an average Instagram influencer makes $5000 per month with just affiliate links. This post shares that one popular influencer with over 1m followers charges $5000-$10,000 per post. However, most brands pay around $5-$25 to bloggers with only 1000 followers.

Is the game all about followers on Instagram? Well, it is but it’s now getting important to have outstanding and engaging content too! That takes us to better reach, engaged followers and interactive stories.

Let’s first find out how to start a blog on Instagram that makes money.

How to Start a Blog on Instagram and Get Paid

Follow these basic steps to become an Instagram blogger and make money with Instagram;

#1. Create an Instagram Business Account

When you think of becoming an Instagram blogger, it’s important to know that you are a content creator on Instagram. As you grow on Instagram, you will be more professional.

First off, sign up for an Instagram account. 

Go to Google Play store or App store and download the ‘Instagram app’. 

Follow the simple process and sign up with your email address, name and username.

Sign up for Instagram account

Make sure to opt for ‘business account’ while setting up your profile on Instagram. The instagram business account provides great insights and a professional dashboard about your profile performance. How well the content is performing? How engaged is your audience?

#2. Pick the Best Name

There are a few choices when it comes to names for Instagram accounts. You can either just use your own name or add a main focus word to make the name more captivating and relevant.

If you are a personal blogger on Instagram then it’s totally up to you. These are some creative account names on Instagram;


But, most influencers choose their own names as they are not sure about their niches yet. Usually lifestyle bloggers and personal bloggers choose their own name. However, entrepreneurs or small biz owners use their original website name across all social media channels.

For example, shemeansblogging. I chose shemeansblogging as my instagram username.

#3. Pick your Blog Niche on Instagram

Blogging on Instagram has changed lately. The more audience-specific content you have, the better your instagram blog would be. Having a niche on Instagram is so important for growth.

When you think of starting a blog on Instagram, the very first thing should be ‘what should I blog about’. Just like when we want to start a blog website, the most important thing is to find your blog niche.

Similarly, you have to choose a niche for Instagram blogging.

Here are some popular types of Instagram bloggers;

Travel blogger on Instagram

Personal blogger on Instagram

Lifestyle blogger on Instagram

Fashion blogger on Instagram

Book blogger on Instagram

Food blogger on Instagram

Beauty blogger on Instagram

Sports blogger on Instagram

A travel blogger creates travel-related content. It includes travel tours, travel trips locally and internationally, travel guidance, travel essentials, travel stories, experiences and so much more. Take a look at @Muradosmann

A beauty blogger on Instagram creates content on how to be beautiful. She talks about makeup, beauty hacks, personal grooming, styling etc. @Nikkietutorials is a great example for beauty and makeup.

A lifestyle blogger on Instagram shares his/her personal lifestyle with followers. From waking up in mornings to outfit of the day, and going out for grocery shopping, the content can be anything. Check out profiles of @laurenconrad, @sincerelyjules and @armelle_blog for lifestyle bloggers on Instagram.

Once you narrow down your instagram niche, it would be easier to grow your blog on Instagram.

#4. Add a Captivating Instagram Bio

Your instagram bio is extremely important. Depending on your niche, and personal attitude, your bio can be interesting too.

But, these tips will help you write a great bio on Instagram;

  • Have a searchable keyword in your name title
  • Mention your skills and expertise
  • Explain your target audience
  • Optimize your website/shop link
  • Show a creative side of your personality

Here are few examples for two good Instagram bios that clearly shows what their blog is all about. The first account is more focused on promoting the brand whereas the other profile explains that the blog is managed by two sisters and it’s all about home stuff.

Want a quick help for Instagram bio?

Read this blog post and use the free tool to have a cool Instagram bio for yourself! I think it’s worth trying and it’s FREE. You can use the tool to get an engaging bio for Instagram.

#5. Create Content for Instagram

Let me tell you, it’s all about content on Instagram. You can only beat other bloggers on Instagram with your creative content. If your purpose is to educate your followers about a specific topic then the content needs to be informative, research-based, updated and resourceful.

Similarly, if you want to show the latest trends and ideas in the fashion niche then your content needs to convey that. Don’t worry! You can get started with these 2-months of Instagram content ideas. The list is worth checking out.


I also recommend using Tailwind for Instagram. This is called the best Instagram assistant for bloggers. You can plan, and schedule your IG content right from this tool. It helps to build up engagement with your followers. In addition to that, the hashtag feature is super useful.

This just makes the content planning a lot easier on Instagram. You can plan and schedule months of content in advance. Moreover, you can read your analytics and overall performance of every single post.

Instagram assistant

#6. Use Hashtags

Understand your niche first and then, create a list of hashtags that helps you get found on Instagram. Using those hashtags smartly can significantly improve your reach and help you gain instagram followers organically.

Also, remember to read this article on how to find top trending hashtags on Instagram. This will help you find most hidden hashtag opportunities.

#7. Write Good Instagram Captions

Instagram for beginners involves lots of learning. To capture your audience interests, you have to write engaging captions. Instagram users keep scrolling their feeds per seconds and your content plus captions can attract people to your profile.

A good instagram caption should provide value to users. It should connect with a new audience. Just like you are sharing your thoughts with an audience. You can use storytelling, emotions, quotes, and your experiences to write better captions on Instagram.

I use and recommend this social media content calendar for Instagram bloggers. It has a huge list of instagram quotes, instagram captions, templates, ideas and so much more. Just makes things easier for busy bloggers and entrepreneurs.

This 365 days content calendar is all you need to plan smart content on Instagram. You’ll get a huge list of Instagram captions, instagram quotes and editable instagram content templates.

When you get access to this subscription, you will;

  • Get 365 days of planner content for Instagram
  • Caption templates for every month
  • Stunning stock photos in almost every niche
  • Instagram engaging canva templates
  • Ultimate hashtag strategy guide
  • Quote lists
  • Instagram feed planner
  • Adobe lightroom presets
  • And so much more

#8. Design content for Instagram

Apps like Canva makes content creation a painless process. You can use canva to design quotes, create graphics, special effects, and even create gifs for your blog.

All you have is to be creative with your content and enjoy it. You can edit your simple photo and add some text to it to get more likes.


#9. Record IG videos

Videos and reels on Instagram are big now! I would definitely suggest adding video content strategy to your Instagram content.

Tools like Invideo are super easy to create consistent videos on Instagram. Just use the template.

#10. Post Instagram Stories

When you are starting a blog on Instagram, it’s important to note that Instagram stories play a very important part in building a strong bond with your followers. Most people watch stories even more than content!

As you pay attention to Instagram content, remember to engage your audience through your every day stories on Instagram. Let it be your morning routine, or evening, there has to be some value in your stories. That way, you can form a good trust and people find your account more interesting. And, that’s a good indicator for high-paid sponsored deals.

If you are looking to become a blogger on Instagram, be sure to check out;

21 Popular Instagram Story Ideas to Engage with Followers

41+ Interesting Instagram Story GIF Ideas

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Save the image to Pinterest

Best Instagram Blogging Tips

Now that you have started a blog on Instagram, what should be your first few steps?

Here are six important instagram blogging tips;

1. Engage with your audience

2. Create content that grows followers organically. Using free tool like this to visually plan your Instagram content and have a stunning feed.

3. Be consistent on Instagram

4. Be creative on Instagram

5. Collaborate with other Instagram influencers to grow your reach, and followers

6. Use Instagram Features

Audience engagement matters most on Instagram. If you have 10,000 followers but only 50 are engaging with you then you are not good. Answer every question your followers have. Try to instantly reply to every question. Post questions in stories to make a connection with followers. Show a personal side of yourself and allow them to share their opinions/thoughts.

Focus on content that adds some value. If your target audience is looking for health tips then work on that. If your followers like your funny videos then create more of such videos.

Remember that you would want to create content that brings quality followers to your account. Here are some other free ways to get Instagram followers. Try these out.

Many Instagram influencers make an average of $4000 – $5000 per month only through affiliate links. Learn everything on how to become a blogger on Instagram and get paid #instagrammarketing

Monetize Instagram Blog

Finally, how to start making money on Instagram?

Many people join Instagram with a personal blog and then, they turn it into a profitable business. And, you can do it too! Instagram marketing is getting popular day by day. Instagram influencers are paid high costs for publishing a photo or promoting a product. 

Instagram bloggers are making money with;

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts
  • Review posts
  • Brand collaboration
  • Instagram shop

I even asked one lifestyle blogger from SaudiArabia to share her experiences as an Instagram influencer and she shared how she makes money on Instagram. She explains everything on how making money from Instagram is possible.

Should you Start a Blog on Instagram?

Instagram blogging is definitely in demand. Just like influencer marketing is flourishing day by day. But, social network algorithms are always surprising. I do suggest and recommend starting a blogging website first. And, then, you can use Instagram as a main channel.

That way, you can build an audience on Instagram too and you have your own website too.

It’s reasonable to say that there are endless instagram blogging ideas. From starting a lifestyle blog to a specific sports blog, or just a doodle blog, you can attract a wide audience on Instagram.

The only exception is your ability to create extraordinary content on Instagram.

My Personal Recommendation: 

I recommend starting your blog first. I have taught hundreds of bloggers to create their own blogs, and make money.

Click here to follow this step by step guide, and you can launch your own blog/website in just one day. Now, that you have an operating blog, you can start focus on Instagram and the site too! That way, you are not relying on one social platform but have your audiences on two platforms. It’s a lot easier to share your lifestyle and build a strong career online.

Use instagram as a marketing channel and grow your followers. You can drive traffic from Instagram, and even create a profitable business.

That way, you can make money from Instagram and your website without having concerns about algorithm changes or social media problems.

Don’t forget to check out Tailwind for Instagram.

This really helps to plan a gorgeous feed on Instagram. You can review your post before publishing. Have a control over your feed and use the simple drag and drop to make changes to your grid. Post your best photos at the peak times to get most engagement. This free tool does the work!

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