How to make money with ShareASale affiliate network. Let’s find out everything on Shareasale affiliate marketing and how you can earn great affiliate income with this popular network.

ShareAsale affiliate network is one of the trusted networks with over 16,550 merchants. That leaves immense affiliate opportunities for bloggers and content creators. People like you and me can make money with Shareasale affiliate programs.

And, I’ve already been making decent money from different advertisers. In this article, you’ll learn different ideas to monetize with affiliate networks.

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In this guide, I want to help you start earning money with Shareasale.

Let’s just be honest.

Affiliate marketing is still the best way to monetize your blog and make passive income. I personally love that!

But, knowing your audience and promoting the right products in front of them is the little secret. You cannot just promote every product and hope to make $50! This doesn’t work. 

And, the worst thing? You will end up being disappointed with your content and all the hard work. Just like other popular networks, Shareasale has more than 15000 advertisers in multiple niches. It all starts with joining the right programs first.

Even though I have only joined a couple of programs, I still make decent money.

Let’s talk more about shareasale.

What is Shareasale?

Shareasale is a popular affiliate marketing network that connects publishers and advertisers. Whether you are a content creator, business owner, or an influencer, you can become an affiliate and promote different products to earn commissions.

Did you know that 182+ million sales were generated in 2020? 

This shows that merchants and affiliates both trust this network the most. It also has a variety of products to promote. Depending on the program you join, you can earn pay per sale, pay per lead, and pay per click programs.

You can get paid once you have earned $50 in affiliate commissions.

How to Get Paid on ShareAsale?

The reason I personally like Shareasale is that it provides multiple payment solutions for affiliates. You earn a combined commission each month for all successful transactions. If someone made a successful transaction using your affiliate link, then you will get your money. The dashboard reporting also tells how much you can expect to earn based on your performance.

Here are a few options to get paid on Shareasale;

Direct Deposit

Mail checks

Wire deposit


If you are not from the US, or other nations, you can always go with the Payoneer option. That’s what I choose. It’s flexible and fast. After you receive money in your Payoneer account, you can simply withdraw it to your local bank.

Payoneer is fast and reliable payment portal. I have been using Payoneer and it works amazing! You can sign up with my link and earn a referral bonus of $25 when you sign-up 🙂

How Much Does it Cost to Join ShareAsale?

It’s free to join. It costs nothing to join the Shareasale affiliate network. All you need is to apply relevant programs in the niche.

Sometimes, big advertisers do not approve all affiliate applications. That’s why it’s important to have a complete profile, good blog content and an engaged audience. In most cases, you get approval even if your blog is new but engaging content.

To apply to any network, the best tip is to have an impressive profile. Provide as much information about your blog, and targeted audience. According to you, how you can be the strong affiliate partner of xyz brand? These are some questions that help you get fast approval on almost every network.

Now, we go into the step by step procedure below.

The ultimate beginner’s guide to get started on ShareAsale and earn affiliate income. It’s free to join and make your first $100 #affiliatemarketing

How to Make Money with a ShareAsale Affiliate Network?

Getting started is easy.

Follow these steps to apply and get approval. Please know that this is only the first step and you will only make decent money with ShareAsale or any other affiliate network when you have strong relationship with your audience and have trust.

Eventually, you have to make affiliate sales and that’s the only target.

Step #1. Apply to become an affiliate

Click here to join ShareAsale for free.

The process is simple, and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

Step #2. Complete your Profile on ShareASale

Next step is to fill out your profile and add your brief description.

Write about your main website and what’s your goal.
Who is your target audience and what type of products are you interested in promoting?
Provide as much detail as needed.

It’s ok to write now as you can always change your profile settings later. But, make sure to complete your profile and have a good first impression.

Step #3. Choose your Payment Settings

Make sure to choose your payment method.

If direct deposit is easier than you can choose that. Otherwise, Payoneer works for almost everyone. If you haven’t used payoneer, use this link to sign up and get a $25 bonus.

Step #4. Find Merchants

Next step is to look for merchants in your blogging niche. I suggest doing research before you start applying.

There are more than 16k advertisers on the ShareAsale program. It shows that you have a variety of merchants to connect with. The best is to know your audience problems and then, decide what products might they need to solve their problems. And, trust me, this is the beauty of affiliate marketing. Maybe, you are using some products yourself as a mom and you want your audience to benefit too. Just join their affiliate program, grab your affiliate link and make sales.

But, don’t rush into this. Take your time.

We will talk more about it below.

Step #5. Join Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

Shareasale Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

While I was new to Shareasale, I was not aware of many programs because I never searched properly. There are so many niches inside ShareAsale that you can easily find a few great programs in your own niche.

Below are some popular categories in ShareAsale. You have to search and look into your relevant category to find the best affiliate programs.

















And, there are several other categories to look for.

Modify your Search To Find Best Programs

If you are looking for a specific program with pay per click or any other requirement, you can filter your search.

Best Affiliate Network Recommendations

Here are few personal recommendations for almost all bloggers;

Creative Live: It’s best for promoting online class in multiple categories. It has best classes in marketing, photography, art, design etc.




Survey Junkie

Pro Writing Aid


How to make money and earn commissions per sale with ShareASale network? Here’s everything you must know to make decent affiliate income #affiliatemarketing

How Bloggers Make Money with ShareAsale?

Just like Impact, Rakuten and other affiliate networks, ShareASale is a leading network that provides unlimited opportunities for content creators and bloggers to earn income.

As you know, affiliate marketing is a profitable income model for bloggers. I personally love this!

Identify your target audience, and their solutions first. Once, you have that, you can find the most relevant affiliate programs on ShareASale.

This network has many great programs with pay per lead and pay per sale. Every program work differently! Some have high commission rates while others pay 1% to 5%. But, there are many amazing programs that pay upto 40% commissions for every sale.

Take a look at this;

20% commission on every sale.
Lead commission $1

7% commission on every sale.

4% commission on every sale.

10% commission on every sale.

Just like these programs, there are several programs for bloggers to join and earn commissions per lead and per sale. If you are a lifestyle blogger, or a mom blogger, you can find so many programs there to promote. Even, if you are in the business or blogging niche, there are lots of programs for you too.

I suggest to only pay attention to a handful of affiliate programs and give your best. If needed, buy the product yourself and then, review it. With recent google updates, it’s best to only promote products you use and have experience.

Click here to join ShareASale for free

Wrap Up: How to Make Money With ShareASale

It’s simple and basic to get started with ShareAsale. Your affiliate earnings as a blogger depends on your own affiliate strategy and how you take next steps to make more income.

Don’t afraid to reach out to affiliate managers and seek more help in creating better campaigns. And, as said, invest some money in buying or using the product yourself before you recommend others. I try to use the services and tools before I start promoting them. You can even ask for a free sample or product to use before you recommend. And, most importantly, don’t scared to buy the product yourself.

Your audience trust is always more important to you.

Here are few recommendations to read;

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If you have any questions, please let me know and I would be happy to help.

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