Here is your guide to how to buy and use Flame Sling in Elden Ring without doing so much exploration!

Using incantations in Elden Ring can sometimes turn a tough battle into a quick win for you! There are many powerful incantations in Elden Ring, and regarding the fact that every boss is vulnerable to certain damage, you can eventually find the one that will crush your enemy sooner than expected!

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The Flame Sling incantation is fire-based magic that is more like throwing a fire-bomb, though it’s more powerful!

Elden Ring | Story Trailer



Elden Ring | Story Trailer






How to Get Flame Sling in Elden Ring

Flame Sling incantation is a purchasable item and you can get it from Brother Corhyn at Roundtable Hold.

He is a prophet, but he wouldn’t be there if you have progressed more in the story. If you couldn’t find him at Roundtable Hold, then you should look for him at Altus Plateau. He is located next to the map shrine in the north of the Altus Highyway Site of Grace. He is exactly where you collect the map for Altus Plateau.

How to Use It

Once you get the Flame Sling incantation, you should memorize it and then equip a seal to use it. If you are a Prophet or Confessor, you should already have a Seal in your inventory, otherwise, you can either find one during your exploration or purchase it from a merchant.

Hopefully, there is a merchant in Roundtable Hold in one of the rooms called Twin Maiden Husks. They are like two old women. They sell a Finger Seal that costs 800 Runes and you can purchase it from them. (Thank you, misternoobie!)

Now that you have both Seal and Flame Sling, head to a Site of Grace and rest. Select Memorize Spell, and add Flame Sling to the empty slot.

Now, exit from Site of Grace. You should be able to see Flame Sling on your upper slot, but it cannot be used yet. Go to the menu and select Equipment. Now, select a slot for either your left or right armament and then select the Finger Seal.

Exit the menu and then equip the Finger Seal as your weapon (right or left) and then hit the corresponding button to attack with the Seal. Now you can see your character throwing Flame Sling!

Elden Ring is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.