And how to do it.

Guest blogging or guest posting is one of the most effective SEO strategies where you write relevant content to pitch and be published on another website. Expanding your network and developing relationships through collaboration is one of the most effective and sustainable strategies with a long-lasting effect on your market.

As bloggers and content creators, it is important that we do not limit our ability to write content just for our own blogs. Exploring other places to share your written content has three (3) main advantages:

  • First, as mentioned, guest outreach expands your network and helps you build lasting relationships with other people/businesses that are close to your market niche.
  • Second, it provides you the opportunity to reach more audiences and eventually increase your traffic and website value, and;
  • Lastly, it strengthens your authority as a writer/ content creator.

Guest blogging is a valuable strategy that is easy to do and is; still remains a significant approach in SEO and inbound marketing. To further support this notion, here is why guest posting is important in boosting your blog.

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How Does Guest Blogging Help Your Blog/Website?

According to a survey conducted by Optinmonster.com, blogs would dedicate 60% of posts to guest posts per month. In the same site, 63% of readers find blogs with multiple authors to be more credible than those with just one author. There is an observed 75% increase in direct sales when a guest author posts.

So whether you are a blogger, website owner or an SEO professional, you should begin guest posting now and reap the following benefits in the following order:

You’ll Be Considered as an Expert

Guest blogging increases your authority and strengthens your foundation as a content writer. When you are guest posting about your niche topic and talking about it to people who are interested or haven’t even thought about it, you present yourself as an expert within the field. The readership will automatically associate you with the topic and are more likely to look towards you for points regarding the matter.

You’ll Have A Boosted Presence in Social Media

Having a good presence in Google is one thing, but expanding your reach in social media will surely double or even triple your readership. By sharing your published content on social media, people will want to know more about you so they Google you and whatever online presence you have. You could potentially gain new followers who are interested in what you have to say. The more people who find you, the more likely it will be that they will share your post or talk about you to other people.

You will Gain Increased Traffic and Better SEO Results

One result leads to another. Being considered an expert with a good readership leads more people to your website. The backlinks you have built with your guest posts from high-authority websites will give you good SEO results which lead to a boosted searchability of your site and thus, bringing more traffic to your blog.

Guest Posting Best Practices

The effects of guest posting are long-lasting as long as the websites you’ve submitted your content with are of high authority and your content is relevant and helpful to readers. To guide you further, here are the best practices in guest posting:

Identify Your Goals

Before you can even start thinking of writing, you have to start by creating goals for yourself. This will define who you are going to market to and what are the things that interest them the most. Sometimes, going in blind can benefit some people but the truth is, it doesn’t work well for everyone. Once you determine your goals, it will be so much easier to identify the steps you need to take.

Choose Topics That People Can Relate To

Once you have your target audience, it’s time you look for topics that are exclusive to them or subjects that matter to them. If your target is stay-at-home mothers, you’ll obviously research easy recipes, time management, and tips on how to stay sane.

Promote Your Work

You created your goals and you have determined the needs and wants of your readership. By this time, you have crafted the article that will go up on the website your guest posting at.

Respond to Comments

You wrote the entire article, so you are the best person to answer the various questions readers will ask. To do this, take the time to regularly take a look at your post to see if there are any comments that you have left unanswered. Do this at least during the first week of posting your article.

In fact, this action allows you to show more of your expertise on the topic to the readers and also indicates to the blogger that you are really engaged. In fact, if you don’t respond to comments, the blogger is likely to think that you only posted your post to get backlinks. Which reduces your chances for the next request.

A Case Study on How Our SEO and Organic Traffic Skyrocketed by Guest Blogging

To grow your website traffic to over 400,000 unique monthly visitors after just 4 months of marketing campaigns, you need more than just a good SEO. Putting a website on the top page of Google takes a combination of sleepless nights, and caffeine-pumped mornings, a mix of creative marketing strategies and growth hacks — one of them is Guest Blogging.

We have collaborated with a few authoritative sites with DA 40+ and organic traffic of 10K plus. Providing them quality relevant content, we haven’t spent a single $$$. Most guest posts we published were free.

Here are examples of our published articles:

With that said, invest in guest blogging and making quality content — we cannot stress this enough.

You can read the full case study here.

Tools for Guest Blogging

Now you realise the benefits of guest post outreach and you want in on the action. What application or tools do you need for the job? Below we’ll list some of the most well-used tools to get you started.


This is probably one of the best grammar checkers available online, it’s very intuitive and checks for punctuation mistakes that other applications can’t pick up. One of its best features is its ability to pick up on the tone of your work and provide appropriate replacements for certain words and phrases. You want to sound more professional in one writing, Grammarly gives you words that would make sense within the context of your writing.

Google Docs / Google Sheets

Never underestimate the power of an online word processor that has the capacity to autosave. This has been the best friend of writers all around the world, from amateurs to professionals. It’s easy to use and you can open it anywhere at any point of the day. There’s no downloading that needs to be done and you can use this on multiple platforms — personal computer, tablet, or cellphone.

Majestic SEO Chrome Toolbar

This is a popular tool among online workers who specialise in SEO work. It’s a tool that checks if the website you want to collaborate with is good for you. Just because you can vouch for the owner of the website doesn’t necessarily mean their blog can help you reach a wider range of audiences. Majestic has two metrics that measure website quality and they are called the Trust Flow and Citation Flow. A trust flow checks the trustworthiness of a website and the citation flow checks the “power” of the site.


If you’re not sure you heard that sentence before, CopyScape is a plagiarism checker that makes sure you are good to go when it comes to your writing. Aside from checking if you accidentally copied someone else’s work, you can also go ahead and check if someone copied your work! It’s a very powerful tool and one that you will need if you consider any kind of career in writing.


Many websites provide their own images and illustrations to create a standardised blog. However, not all websites do this nor have the time and enough designers to do this task; and even if it is so, you still need to provide your own images to go along with your written content so that the publishers can get a good sense or idea of what your content is all about. This will also increase readers’ comprehension of your content.

Sample of a blog post graphic/image you can create using Pixteller and Removal.AI.


Tools like Removal.AI will help with image optimisation and image creation for your content. Sometimes, an image should be better with another background to tell a better story. By removing the background of an image and allowing you to replace it with another, you can create an image that will help support your content ideas.

Keyword Tool Dominator

This application uses API to check the best long-tail keywords that you can apply to your posts. Long-tail keywords give you a better chance with search engines because most people would type in phrases instead of words when they’re searching for something. Sometimes, it’s not enough to just guest post but you also need to put in a little work to make sure you are searchable.

Headline Analyzer

Not everyone understands the power of a good title, it’s so important and vital that some people’s jobs are just to craft attention-grabbing titles! This free tool analyses up to twenty words and checks the emotional aspect of your title and to what group it leans toward — spiritual, intellectual, and etc.

Start Guest Blogging Now…

Guest blogging will allow you to significantly improve your visibility and therefore, gain traffic thanks to the backlinks generated. In addition, guest blogging will allow you to build trusting relationships with bloggers and influencers in your industry.

However, in order for this technique to provide satisfying results, it is important to carefully pick the host weblog and adhere to the editorial line’s best practices.

So what are you waiting for? Start Guest Posting now to drive more traffic to your site!

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