It’s officially Monday, March 14 and not only has a brand new week begun, but there’s also a new song of the day to be guessed on Heardle.

The Wordle spin-off games continue to grow in popularity, with Heardle being one of the latest guessing games to take the internet by storm. If you’re not interested in words or numbers, Heardle could be the game you’ve been waiting for.

If you’re struggling to work out the latest Heardle answer for March 14, or you just simply want to know how you can get in on the action and play, here’s everything you need to know.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo | Official Pre-Launch Trailer



Ghostwire: Tokyo | Official Pre-Launch Trailer






Heardle Answer and Song of The Day For Monday, March 14

The official Heardle answer and song of the day for Monday, March 14 is Lizzo – Truth Hurts.

Make sure to get your answer in before the clock strikes midnight in your local timezone, as a brand new song of the day will then arrive for Tuesday, March 15. Fans can also check back in tomorrow for the next Heardle answer, should you need assistance.

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How To Play Heardle & Official Rules

As mentioned previously, Heardle bases itself on a similar concept to Wordle, but with a focus on music instead of words. The rules are simple, players will listen to the first second of a song and have to guess the artist and track name from the small snippet played.

Players can skip to receive additional seconds of the song, but the aim is to guess the track as quickly as possible. The official rules for Heardle can be found below:

  • Guess today’s song by listening to its intro
  • Incorrect or skipped guesses unlock more of the song
  • Guess correctly in as few tries as possible and share your score

Fans can play for free at heardle.app.