GTA 5 Enhanced and Expanded is all set to release soon and fans are curious about they can play it early and the release time of the same.

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GTA 5 Enhanced and Expanded will be released on 15th March 2022. It’s been over a year since the game was announced, back at the PlayStation launch event, and we are finally close to the launch.

GTA V | Online: The Contract Trailer



GTA V | Online: The Contract Trailer





GTA 5 Enhanced and Expanded Release Time

As far as the release time of the game is concerned, players don’t need to fret a lot about it as it will not be having a staggered release as such. Instead, Rockstar Games is going for the more frequent midnight launch for the game.

What that basically means is that irrespective of your region, you will be getting access to the game at midnight time in your location. Now there is a catch here. If you have GTA 5 in an account that has a different region than the place you live, you might not get the game at your local time. Instead, you will be getting at the midnight time of the region your account is based upon.

Many players often change their account regions because they get better deals in USA and UK, so it is not surprising that one might have a different region account. So if you are not able to access the game at midnight, make sure you crosscheck your region once.

How To Play GTA 5 Enhanced and Expanded Early

If you want to skip the wait, and want to play the game early, you can do that as well. You might know that games are released earlier in New Zealand, because of the time zone. For that, you need to follow different steps for PlayStation and Xbox. On Xbox, the process is as simple as simply changing the region of your console. However, on PlayStation, you need to setup a new account altogether with New Zealand as the region.