​Google’s yearly employee polls, dubbed Googlegeist internally, revealed that a growing number of employees do not believe their compensation packages are fair or competitive with what they could earn in a similar function elsewhere. They also doubt their boss’s competence to carry out his or her duties.

According to reports, the company’s overall statistics as well as specific divisions, including cloud, search and advertising, have revealed that compensation and execution received the lowest marks across the board, while Google’s mission and values received the best marks.

The survey is “one of the most important ways” for the firm to assess how much people appreciate working at the company, according to CEO Sundar Pichai, who reportedly announced the results in a brief email to staff.

However, Google is also planning to return the majority of its employees to real workplaces at least three times a week. The work at the physical workplace will resume on April 4, after two years of working remotely due to the pandemic.


Only 46% of those polled believe their total salary was competitive compared to similar jobs at other organisations in the United States— a 12-point drop from a year ago.

A greater percentage, 56%, feel their salary is “fair and equitable,” down eight points from the previous year, while 64% of employees felt their salary reflects their performance, a three-point dip.

As reported, a Google spokesperson, however, said the company has always offered competitive pay in terms of income, equity, time off, as well as a variety of perks and value employee feedback and will continue to ensure that Google pays the employees fairly everywhere they work and help them advance their careers at the corporation.

Google executives have recently been obliged to confront the issue of pay. Frank Wagner, Google’s vice-president of compensation, addressed worries about rising inflation and whether the firm will grant any kind of raise at an all-hands meeting last December.

According to Wagner, Google will not apply a blanket raise to keep up with inflation.

Among all surveyed employees, 74% said Pichai inspired them with his vision of what the firm can be, while the same percentage said his decisions and tactics enable Google to execute good work.

Additionally, only 54% of cloud employees believed the promotion process is fair, down two percentage points from a year before.


Employees are pleased with Google’s capacity to fulfil its objective to organise the world’s knowledge and make it widely accessible and valuable, according to the survey results.

While the mission of Google was to score a 90% approval rating, it turned out to be 85%.

However, 96% of the staff, who work under Prabhakar Raghavan who oversees key businesses including search, ads and commerce, believed that products by Google are useful in people’s everyday lives.

Additionally, a considerable majority of employees believe that their perspectives are appreciated at Google. In this case, Pichai believes that “employee well-being” and “culture of respect” were two areas where the organisation made strides.

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