Tango Gameworks has announced that Ghostwire Tokyo will ship with six graphics and performance modes on the PlayStation 5, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. The developer outlined the modes during an interview with MP1st at a recent preview event.

Ghostwire Tokyo PS5 graphics and performance modes explained

As explained to MP1st, the Quality Mode will run Ghostwire Tokyo at a capped 30 frames-per-second with 4K resolution. Ray traced reflections will be enabled in this mode. In Performance Mode, players will have to forgo 4K resolution for a capped 60 fps. Additionally, real-time ray tracing will be replaced with spatial reflection. Next, we have High Frame-Rate Quality Mode, which is similar to the aforementioned Quality Mode but with the frame-rate cap removed. Players can then experience Ghostwire Tokyo at up to 40-50 fps. Then there’s the High Frame-Rate Performance Mode. Like Performance Mode, this one uses 60 fps as baseline but can go beyond since its uncapped. However, MP1st has warned players against using High Frame-Rate Quality and Performance modes due to screen tearing until a patch has been rolled out. Tango Gameworks acknowledged the issue and plans to address it.

The final two modes are High Frame-Rate Quality Mode With V-Sync and High Frame-Rate Performance Mode With V-Sync. These are pretty much the same as High Frame-Rate Quality and Performance modes, but with V-Sync enabled.

Ghostwire Tokyo will release on the PS5 and PC on March 25th. Those who preorder the Deluxe Edition via the PS Store will have early access on March 22nd. Tango Gameworks has confirmed to Wccftech that the main game is around 15 hours, and will take 30-40 hours alongside side content.

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