GeneratePress Premium Version

GP is a free theme that you can install on your WordPress website without any price.

Generatepress premium actually is a plugin that you need to install in your WordPress website to enable all its premium customization and functionalities.

Once you installed GP Premium Plugin on your website, You need to enter your GP License Key (From your Generatepress dashboard) to activate the theme.

Premium word itself means getting some amazing and next-level features and customization options that you can’t get in the free version. 

Some of the paid add-on that only Generatepress Premium users can use are –

Generatepress free vs Premium

These are some premium features which you will be paid for. This add-on will make your customization easier.

For Ex, GP Free and Premium both come with this default blog header –

Generatepress free vs Premium

But by using Generatepress Elements (One of the Generatepress Paid Addon), I have customized my header to 👇

Generatepress free vs Premium

You can also make different types of headers using this add-on.

GeneratePress Pro Features and Benefits

Once you installed the Generatepress Premium plugin, You can start designing your new website.

GP Premium is not limited to header elements (That I have told you above), There are many more features that will help you to create a website like a pro.

These features are –

1 – Generatepress Site Library

If you are a beginner or you don’t want to start from scratch then Generatepress site library is for you. Its site library has 33 pre-built Generatepress theme demo which you can import with 3 clicks and start editing that templates.

These templates are free and have unlimited access.

GeneratePress Spacious and the Marketer theme are the most popular Generatepress templates among newbie web developers.

I have also imported the Marketer theme in my initial days.

2 – Colors

With its Premium version, You get 60 color options which means you can change the color of any area of your website.

This was not possible in GP free version.

3 – Page Header

By using this feature, You can create transparent page headers from scratch.

You can also add a custom logo in parallax and full-screen format page header on your website.

It is my favorite feature.

In the start, You may face some customization difficulties but once you understand it you can easily do it by the ease of access.

4 – Blog

GP Premium enables you to design your list of blog posts more beautifully. You can display the blog posts into the grid, column, and masonry layouts.

These layouts are not just like a simple layout, But you can customize it too. For Ex – You can disable or enable the featured image from the settings or you can change the alignment of the headings, etc.

5 – Spacing

GP theme comes with proper spacing between Columns, widgets, and grids but, If you want to change the spacing between these elements then you can use the GP Premium feature to do it.

6 – Backgrounds

With this option, You can easily change or update the background image of your website. You can also style them with new various types of parallax effects.

7 – Typography

GP Premium gives you 70+ Typography, Font Awesome, and Google Fonts options, You can use these fonts to edit the typography (like blog body, headings, links, and texts) of your website.

8 – Mega Menu Plus

With this feature, You can customize your menu. You can create effects like slide-out menu sections, fades, and 3d design to the menu.

9 – Copyright Changes

With its Premium version, You can remove the “Powered by GeneratePress Copyright” text from the bottom of the website.

10 – WooCommerce

This feature allows you to edit and customize your WooCommerce site’s visual aspects.

11 – Elements

There is a total of 14 elements present in the Generatepress Premium theme. With these elements, You can edit various parts of your website like navigation, menu, header, footer, etc.

Generatepress free vs Premium

I have edited my website header through the Elements, I have shown you the example of the page header above.

12 – Hooks

It is a very important feature in the Generatepress premium. This feature will help you to add custom PHP to your website.

One can use this feature to display a widget at any location on the website.

13 – Import/Export

This feature is for those who handle multiple websites with the same theme. This feature will enable you to export the settings of your existing WordPress website and you can use those setting to your other website by importing them.

These settings may be – Default GP elements you are using or which modules you have activated/deactivated, etc.

14 – Documentation

generatepress free vs premium

If you are a beginner and you are customizing your website on your own then you may face some problems while doing it. Most of the time these problems are not the problems but they don’t know how to do that correctly.

Generatepress Teams has created fantastic Documentation of each and every problem (Not from Day 1), You can use this documentation to customize your website.

generatepress free vs premium

I have also created my website by reading the GP documentation.

15 – Support

Generatepress theme developers provide 24/7 support to their premium users. They provide support through the FORUM.

You can directly ask questions in the forum and the developer will answer your all queries.

If you are a free user then still you can access the forum and you can see all questions/answers but you can not ask your query.

Most of the problems are the same so, Most probably you will get your query solved in the forum however if you can’t find your answer there then you need to purchase its premium license to ask a question.

So, These are the generatepress premium addons which you will get with the pro version of Generatepress Theme.

I will personally rate them  4.7/5.

GeneratePress Premium Pros and Cons