According to Amanda Klecker, a certified building biologist who assesses the overall health of homes, electric fireplaces tend to heat homes more safely and sustainably than wood-burning ones.

“In general, electric fireplaces are a clean heating alternative,” she explains. “Typically, they produce almost no pollutants. In comparison, gas and wood-burning fireplaces produce combustion and gases and fumes, which are pollutants to indoor and outdoor air. While electricity does contribute to carbon emissions, most of the electricity used is converted to usable heat in your room or home, making it an energy-efficient option.”

If you don’t have a fireplace at home, buying an electric model is also far easier and more affordable than installing a traditional one. Electric fireplaces also tend to be lower-maintenance, since you don’t need to do any cleanup after using them.

Additionally, these appliances offer an assortment of design and function possibilities. You can also find portable ones that are suitable for homeowners and renters looking for a temporary heating solution.