One of the beautiful things about landscape photography is that your camera settings play two roles: providing a technically correct exposure and just as importantly, allowing you to render the frame in the way your creative mind sees fit. There are some camera settings you need to make sure you have down, however, and if you are new to the genre, this helpful video tutorial will make sure you know what they are and how to properly use them.

Coming to you from Perea Photography, this great video tutorial discusses some of the most important camera settings landscape photographers need to have mastered. If you are new to this, by far, the most important thing you need to set immediately is the image type, namely changing it to raw instead of JPEG. A lot of cameras come set to JPEG by default, but raw files allow you a lot more latitude in post-processing to make adjustments without significant loss of image quality. This is especially important in landscape photography, as the extreme dynamic range of many scenes will often force you to make significant demands of your files in the editing process. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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