They came, they saw and they conquered. BTS ‘came home’ as ARMY likes to say, and performed at Seoul after over two years in front of a live audience. There were a series of special moments from the Permission To Dance concert, which was held from March 10-14, including Jungkook not letting go of Suga while he rapped, V wearing the cowboy hat on stage, or just the boys performing determinedly in the rain. They performed several of ARMY’s favourites, including Black Swan, Fake Love, Silver Spoon and DNA.

Here’s a compilation of some of the best moments from the PTD Seoul concert:

The Taekook moments

There were several Taekook moments, one of them including when V (Kim Taehyung) was singing to the camera, and Jungkook joined him for a hug, while Jin came and joined them.

Jungkook zoning out and performing a robot dance

Jungkook’s ‘Say What’ during the Bapsae performance

Jungkook and V were full of high energy and this time, the performance of Bapsae was far more electric than usual. While V danced on stage, Jungkook came and joined him with equal zest.

Suga dancing with a straight face while his members wished him a happy birthday

Suga—the most reserved member of the group, danced poker-faced, while his members ran around him wishing him a happy birthday.

When Jungkook couldn’t stop hugging Suga while he rapped, and the boys joined in


BTS’s energy levels were sky-high. Suga, who usually doesn’t indulge any of the other members, has a soft spot for the Maknae line and never says no to them. Jungkook didn’t let go of Suga as he rapped, while V performed his cartwheels.

Jimin telling ARMY to stay warm

Prior to the concert, BTS members had constantly shared posts on Weverse and Instagram requesting fans to be properly clothed, as it was cold in Seoul. During the performance, Jimin, who is known to be the gentlest of the group, checked in on fans, asking them if they were okay.

Jimin checking on an exhausted V

After a point in the concert, V was too exhausted to stand up, and a concerned Jimin came to check on him, and patted his head, gently.

BTS will perform in Las Vegas in April, after the Grammy’s.