Britney Spears Pregnant? Why Fans Are Speculating If Singer Is Expecting  3rd Child

joining us now is legal analyst lisa green lisa i mean it i don’t use this word lightly that was
shocking testimony what impact do you think it will have on the judg oh it was a portrait of a dystopian nightmare for brittany how could the judge or any human not feel sympathy
for this grown woman who’s trapped in a conservatorship she in no way meets the profile of people who are typically protected that way people with alzheimer’s
developmental disabilities and i think what britney accomplished was to start this new chapter in her life where she’ll get the opportunity to make her
case in court and end the conservatorship well you mentioned how unusual it is i mean this is not typically for someone who is a sound mind and body who
can work earn money uh who clearly is in has her own volition we heard her speak in court how why is it so difficult to dislodge it at this point
you know it’s very unusual savannah to end a conservatorship precisely because most people in conservatorships don’t get better and while brittany would wish the judge could wave a magic
wand and end this in fact what’s going to happen

is it’ll start a whole new legal

proceeding and the judge will hear from brittany when she files her friends and relatives can speak but significantly also

the conservators including her father and they may not agree with her and she specifically said to the judge she does not want to have a psych evaluation
but it seems to me that uh the the judge will insist on that before making a decision of this magnitude i agree with you you know one thing we
have to keep in mind is we don’t have access to all the evidence that the judge saw in 2008 when the conservatorship was placed temporarily when it was made permanent
and when it was renewed under california law an investigator goes out every year to check in so we have a partial glimpse of what britney’s life has been like
it seems tragic but there’s a larger story that we may never see well the court proceedings are actually just getting started if her attorney does file to remove the
conservatorship that will start this legal process anew lisa

thank you for your time this morning

appreciate it my pleasure hey thanks for visitors

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