Growing up, one of my most prized beauty possessions was a little tube of Bobbi Brown lip gloss. It was a rosy pink, slightly sheer, and oh-so-balmy. It was from my mom’s makeup collection, and wearing it made me feel like the most sophisticated high schooler in all of Nebraska. 

Fast forward to my current beauty editor status, and even still, nothing makes me feel cooler than wearing something that Bobbi Brown had a hand in creating, such as her newest endeavor Jones Road. (The no-makeup makeup line offers everything a no-fuss beauty fan like me could want: delicate finishes, natural aesthetics, multi-use tools). So imagine my delight when Brown herself joined me on my podcast Clean Beauty School to talk about her game-changing career, makeup truths, and well-being habits.

I was awe-struck, to say the least. The episode is filled with advice (beauty and otherwise) so give it a listen for all the tips. And in the meantime, here are three makeup tricks everyone should know.