Let’s face it: as photographers, we are crazy about saving our files. I have terabytes of images and videos spanning multiple hard drives in different arrays in my studio, and it drives me nuts that it’s in disarray. Maybe you’re in the same boat, looking for a better way to safely store all your important images in one place.

The problem is that off-the-shelf solutions offer very limited ability to customize, upgrade, or even overhaul, and cloud storage is extremely expensive in large quantities. So, is there a product out there that can achieve these goals while being competitive in price?

In this video by Linus Tech Tips, it seems that they have found the diamond in the rough. Utilizing a small ITX case that has the footprint of a shoebox, they can create a 5-Bay Network Attached Storage (NAS) enclosure at a price point that rivals any similar prebuilt solution from the more established brands. You’ll get to see the components they chose, which are very overkill, as well as a full walkthrough of the entire build itself. The most important part, however, is the section near the end where they show the installation and setup of TrueNAS, the free operating system software. At the end of the project, they have a working 100 TB, fully serviceable, customizable, and upgradable NAS array, again rivaling the price of current similar enclosures.

As a DIYer, I love this video. I currently do not have a NAS array for my storage needs because I could never bring myself to spend money on a pre-built solution. This video has highlighted that it’s possible to DIY my own NAS using this unique case. I especially appreciate the section about setting up TrueNAS. As much of a computer geek as I think I am, I don’t know the first thing about setting up the software for a server like this. But the steps they outlined look foolproof, and the LTT forums are full of helpful folks if I were to get stuck along the way.