Normal focal length lenses with wide maximum apertures are some of the most popular options out there, suitable for everything from portraiture to low-light events coverage and astrophotography. The Venus Optics Laowa Argus 45mm f/0.95 FF lens offers that sort of package at a fairly affordable price, and this excellent video review takes a look at the lens and the sort of image quality and performance you can expect from it in practice. 

Coming to you from Christopher Frost, this great video review takes a look at the Venus Optics Laowa Argus 45mm f/0.95 FF lens. Personally, I have always found lenses between 35mm and 50mm quite interesting, as 35mm tends to be a smidgen wide for some situations and 50mm a bit long. The 45mm f/0.95 offers a range of helpful features beyond its unique focal length and very wide aperture, including:

  • One aspherical element, an extra-low dispersion element, and three ultra-high refraction elements for reduced spherical and chromatic aberrations and increased sharpness and clarity
  • Declickable aperture ring for video work
  • Durable metal construction 
  • Internal focusing mechanism for reduced focus breathing

Of course, the manual focus design may make some people hesitate, but with modern mirrorless camera features, working with manual focus is much easier nowadays. Check out the video above for Frost’s full thoughts on the lens.