Whenever you find yourself selling a spectacular product but are not able to get the expected outcome after its launching, there could be a gap in brand marketing. 

Most probably,  no one knows about how amazing your product is. 

Although brand marketing has been proven crucial for every business particularly in selling a service or product, it is an expensive price a business has to pay.

After all, brand marketing is a lot more valuable than you might think it is. In fact, it is more than its logos and colors. Brand marketing is your business’ personality and entire identity.

The good thing is that there comes a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model.

The SaaS industry has grown since its inception more than a decade ago. Its market is expected to reach at least $60 billion in 2023. SaaS tools automate routine tasks that marketers used to do, giving them time to focus instead on scaling businesses. 

It’s 2021 and if you are still not automating your marketing process flows, you are bound to have a hard time competing with others who do.

The list below is a compilation of our favorite software solutions for your brand marketing. These tools can be used for creating your branding materials, storing and managing your marketing assets, team collaboration, and content and video creation and editing.

Together these SaaS apps can provide automation and they can also streamline your business operation, production, marketing, and sales.

In short, these tools can help you in marketing your brand the easier way – and much affordably too. These are the 12 game-changing SaaS marketing tools you can use to grow your business.

1. Text Blaze

Text Blaze is a spectacular software that helps you get more things done and save time by utilizing snippets of text instead of the common typing tasks. 

The top features of Text Blaze are the following: (1) Keyword Replacements, (2) Forms, (3) Autopilot, (4) Previews, and (5) Context Menu.

For instance, the Keyword replacements feature of Text Blaze allows you to automatically replace the current date, take in website information, execute date calculations, and a lot more. 

Just give Text Blaze a try and you will be surprised by the other amazing features it offers. To get started, you just have to install the extension.

2. Removal.AI

Removal.ai is an ingenious Artificial Intelligence technology intended to remove background from images. All you have to do is to choose an image and the software automatically removes the photo’s background. Thereafter, you can preview the image and have it downloaded according to your needed specifications. 

Here are the specific functionalities of this tool: (1) Auto Select, (2) Import-Export Option, (3) Social Media Integration, (4) Text Tool, (5) Enhancement Tools, (6) Effects and Filters, and (7) Remove objects.

3. Baseline

Baseline is another tool that you can use to automate your content creation and boost your brand presence. This software also provides you with invaluable brand guidelines that allow you to create constant designs effortlessly. 

The main features of Baseline are the following: (1) One-click Branded Designs, (2) Remove Background, (3) Hundreds of Templates, (4) Branded Assets, (5) Stock Photos, (6) Multiple brands screenshot, (7) Upload Your Own Assets, (8) Text Effects, and (9) Free Brand Guide.

4. Filecamp

This digital asset management platform is cloud-based and is aimed at marketing professionals. Filecamp is intended to optimize the sharing, organization, tagging, and distribution of videos, images, and documents. With this tool, users can make a centralized and searchable library of digital assets and share them internally or with stakeholders or partners. 

In Filecamp, there are limitless users and advanced granular sharing permissions to keep in check the access of files and folders. Collaborative efforts can be done between companies on creative projects with partners and clients utilizing secure file sharing, online proofing, and a built-in media library.

It also has functions for online commenting and annotation. These allow users to review and accept creative work without the need to download them. Users can turn files into assets using tags and keywords. They can also utilize and locate them in just a few clicks. Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in the auto-tag feature that scans images and suggests keywords.

The major benefits of using Filecamp are the following: multiple themes, unlimited users in all plans, auto tags, request file links, granular access control, custom thumbnails, request access feature, white label, WYSIWYG pages, collections, advanced download options, and labels.

5. Pixelixe

Pixelixe is an extraordinary software tool offering an image and graphic creation platform that allows you to design unique graphics in the most efficient way possible. And the best thing about this is that it does not require any technical skills whatsoever to use it. 

With Pixelixe, you can have access to its collection of more than a thousand fonts and icons, and millions of images. You can even drop and edit personal images and easily download them afterwards.  

In its Edit Image feature, you can access its amazing collection of templates and images. Its image editor helps you to easily create your own graphics or select any pre-designed template for a project you are doing. You can even have these designs customized for your clients and business. It also enables you to transform and manipulate images in just a few minutes. And there are several selections such as resize, flip, crop, opacity, filter, bright, blur, rotate, and invert. 

Another advantage of using Pixelixe is the ease of embedding customizable graphics, images, and PDF editors on your website. Integrating Pixelixe on your current website is also easy. Also, for a smooth user experience, Pixelixe lets you design your logo, append your own assets, and assign colors to your website. 

Pixelixe is also advisable to those who are new to marketing since it enables the said user to automate Image creation and make new templates.

6. Icons8 Mega Creator

Mega Creator is a new online software for DIY graphic designing. It is an online graphic editor that allows you to make eye-catching designs easily and quickly. You will not be needing expensive software such as Illustrator or Photoshop, nor will you be required to have any special skills in designing. 

This tool is particularly for anyone who needs custom visuals regularly such as SMM managers and bloggers, designers and developers, YouTubers, copywriters, sales reps, educators, and students. 

This software integrates all of Icons8’s graphic resources in one place. These include more than 170,000 icons in at least 35 styles, thousands of vector illustrations, tons of studio photos with transparent backgrounds, and photo and vector backgrounds. Here, you can also upload your images and logos and combine them up with the built-in assets. 

7. Pixelied

Pixelied is a very intuitive graphic design tool. You can use it even if you do not have any design skills since its templates are stimulating enough. In designing, speed is necessary, and Pixelied loads very fastly. Additionally, your work is automatically saved by the software and it also provides you with the choice to have it manually saved. 

Pixelied is highly needed whenever you have fluctuating connections. You can also use its built-in illustrations and upload your vector images with full control of its colors. 

It also has an attractive Blend feature that enables you to apply the colors of your band in just a single click. 

Although this is a relatively new tool, it undergoes a somewhat daily update which means that any missing feature will never be missing for long. 

8. Drawtify

Drawtify is a tool for graphic designing that helps make the process easier in making creative and eye-catching graphics for editors, designers, and business owners. This software enables you to create different types of graphic designs for your business including banners, logos, brochures, business cards, posters, flyers, menus, illustrations, infographics, animations, product catalogs, and social media content.  

Drawtify brings together all the necessary tools, resources, and functions that you need into one online solution, making it easier and quicker to design images and content and attain better results. You can customize and draw shapes that you can then transform into vector graphics. It also allows you to edit imported or built-in photos by adjusting their transparency, applying filters, or masking some parts of them. 

You can use the software’s graphic design which is likewise built with a wide span of typography functions allowing you to modify the appearance and style of texts in a much more artistic way. It also enables you to immediately create animations for your digital publications. Finally, Drawtify has a huge library of online resources. Here, you can access many templates, plug-ins, icons, images, color schemes, and graphic elements.

9. Slack

This workplace communication tool connects users with the tools and people they work with every day regardless of their location or what they are doing. There are teams in Slack that can work together in channels. These channels can be organized according to department, project, office location, or any other things. Users will find it easier to follow the topics that matter to them. Since public channels are open to all team members, marketing can see what the designers are doing, and sales can keep track of the product team’s roadmap.

Slack links to the services and tools that the business is already using and then centralizes the files, notifications, and data from hundreds of varying applications. With this, an individual will no longer have to search through the emails just for that one follow-up, switching back and forth between various dashboards and tabs, or juggling a lot of tools with their respective logins. Slack is a big help in enabling teams to work smarter by providing them all the information and needed context to make impactful decisions quickly. 

10. Google Drive

Although, technically, Google Drive is simply a cloud-based storage option that enables you to keep your emails, photos, and other files on their server, having added storage is just the first part. 

Google Drive also has a suite of office tools that compete with Microsoft Office. These include Docs which is Google’s word processor similar to Microsoft Word, Sheets which is Google’s variant of Excel, and Slides which is Google’s retort to PowerPoint. These documents are even sharable and can be edited in real-time making collaborative work with your team much easier. 

11. Trello 

Trello is among the smartest collaboration apps and is usually compared to Wrike which is the leader of this category. You can try both and see the difference before deciding which one is more suitable for you.

The board and card system is the most unique thing about Trello. Here, separate projects are labelled with boards, within which there is a card that indicates each task. Each card includes tracking lists that rank individual assignments, allowing you to keep track of the progress of your tasks and your employees’ status. 

In general, Trello combines a superfluity of collaboration functions and project management, ensuring that employees have a private channel for communication, following updates, and discussing projects in real-time. 

12. WeVideo

WeVideo is an easy-to-use video editing and sharing suite for schools, businesses, and third-party media. This is a cloud-based application that enables users to create, capture, share, and view movies at high resolutions. JumpStart technology is being used by the full-featured, powerful program so that it can reshape landscapes for video editing. The video editor provides the users with a seamless editing experience while it supports several formats of images, audio, video, and graphics. WeVideo’s multi-platform video editor encompasses features that facilitate the creation of movies in a span of minutes. Among its key features are 720p video resolution, WeVideo JumpStart, motion titles, cloud storage, slow motion, screencasting, green screen, voiceover, and music library. 

Try these Saas tools now!

Since brand marketing is an integral and important part of your business, you must give it its due attention if you want to continue growing as an entity. By using these tools, crucial parts of your work will become stress- and hassle-free. Utilizing these tools will particularly help you save time, effort, and energy, which in the process will lead to reaching and catching those prospective clients for the exponential growth of your business.