Another kind of streaming conflict has been raging since many media firms have been brawling for streaming TV prominence. However, Twitch that is owned by Amazon has emerged as a definite winner of this realm.  Twitch is widely known for broadcasting gamers playing video games live. It offers 91 percent of all available video game streaming content. Twitch has gained popularity during the pandemic, hosting more than 2 million consumers at any given time of the day. Currently, it has over seven million users who broadcast themselves live while playing video games every month.

Despite being one of the most loved live video streaming services, it has been facing a few snags as well, such as interrupted stream viewing. Buffering and streaming hiccups issues can hinder the consumer experience on the Twitch platform. Users can easily download some software to fix some PC snags such as basic computer errors, malware, and hardware failure. Interrupted Twitch streaming can be rectified by switching over to a different browser as well. Changing the browser might be the easiest solution to some of the most basic issues consumers face during streaming or playing a game on Twitch. In such a case, it is advisable to go to a browser that is easy on the system resources. These are some most efficient and stable browsers for watching Twitch streams in high-load situations.

Best Browser For Twitch Streaming Alternatives

1. Microsoft Edge:

Microsoft Edge

After unveiling Windows 10, Microsoft has brought in a default web browser known as Microsoft Edge. Due to several hitches, Microsoft has remodeled it and switched to the Chromium platform. Chromium is the same platform that is used by Google Chrome. Internet Explorer has been replaced by Edge Chromium, however, it is still available on the Windows OS.

Features of Edge:

  1. Edge is more popular for advanced features and optimized performance.
  2. As per the report, Edge is a more suitable browser for Twitch streaming as it largely offers better stability and a smooth interface.
  3. It utilizes fewer system resources.
  4. Users can enjoy streaming quality up to 1080p.  This browser has improved JavaScript performance and memory boost.

Some Limitations:

  1. Edge does not offer any interface customization preferences.
  2. At times, it experiences periodic pages that crash haphazardly and fail to reload.
  3. Microsoft Edge does not include tab groups and it treats dragged tabs badly.

Well, despite some limitations, it provides a better user experience on Twitch streaming. Edge is smooth and performs quite well on various websites.

2. Opera GX:

Opera Gx

It is entirely a gaming browser. It is a gaming alternate of the regular Opera browser. Opera GX is an apt browser for gamers who like to view a Twitch stream on a second monitor while they play a video game. Watching a Twitch stream on a second monitor while playing a game needs additional computing power. Twitch offers high-quality live videos that use a huge amount of system resources. In such a case, consumers need to use a browser that utilizes fewer resources of the computer. Opera GX has been designed to provide the finest in-browsing gaming and live streaming experience to users.

Features of Opera GX:

  1. Built-in Twitch integration: With this feature, users can easily keep up with all their favorite live streams on Twitch. This browser is powered by Chromium that has a visually showing UI, which draws consumers who love playing video games. In this browser, Twitch is located at the sidebar that displays the details of users who are online and channels users follow. Consumers can switch on notifications when their favorite streamers are going live. It also has a shortcut to the Twitch website that can load up quite faster. As the browser engine is powered by Chromium, users can enjoy full compatibility. There will be no issue with live streaming as long as users have stable internet connectivity.
  2. GX Control Feature: Users can limit the amount of CPU power, bandwidth, and RAM, the browser can use. Users can channelize all their system resources to Opera while playing video games to attain lag-free and faster gaming sessions. GX Sound is the feature that offers excellent sound effects to give a top-notch gaming experience to users. The browser comes along with features such as AdBlocker and free VPN as well.

3. Mozilla Firefox:

Firefox Browser

The browser is accessible on almost all platforms. Mozilla Firefox is as resourceful just like Google Chrome and at the same time, it utilizes fewer system resources.

Features of Firefox:

  1. This browser comes with a powerful architecture that offers seamless live streaming on Twitch TV.
  2. Users can watch live streams on Twitch up to 1080p resolution on Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Although some users might face issues while viewing live Twitch streams on higher quality settings, a couple of add-ons such as Alternative Player or Twitch live can help stream Twitch content smoothly.
  4. Features of Firefox are renewed regularly to avert repeated crashes.
  5. It has a safe and easy consumer interface.


On the other hand, Mozilla Firefox has limited safety features as compared to other browsers. Users need to update the browser regularly to prevent constant crashes. 

4. Brave:


Brave has become increasingly popular in recent times especially among users who are concerned about privacy and safety while browsing. It cautiously manages the ads that are seen by its users while browsing.

Features of Brave:

  1. Easy Integration of Cryptocurrency Tokens: Brave allows Twitch streamers and content creators to earn cryptocurrency. Users can earn cryptocurrency as they browse, they can treat tokens as wallets to accumulate coins. While users view Twitch live streams, they can use their earned coins to subscriptions of their favorite streamers. They can also donate their coins across various Twitch streamers.
  2. It allows users to watch Twitch streams in HD.
  3. It is much smoother and faster as compared to Chrome.
  4. It has many features to block data capturing trackers and advertisements leading to better performance and a highly secure browsing experience.

5. UR Browser:

 Ur Browser

Users who like to watch live streams on Twitch TV need a highly safe browser and UR Browser might be a decent option for it. The freeware web browser has been designed by Adaptive Bee.

Features of UR Browser:

  1. It offers a safe and advanced interface to consumers. Just like Opera GX, it is powered by Chromium.
  2. It has various safety features to prevent users from phishing attacks.
  3. It can carry out HTTPS redirection whenever required.
  4. Consumers can enjoy streaming up to 1080p quality videos on Twitch.
  5. With this browser, users can see various tabs concurrently. They can cover every element of the browser and reload it within seconds.
  6. The UR browser does not require many system resources for Twitch streaming. It comes with a built-in VPN that helps users with ISP choking the bandwidth.
  7. Privacy features in the browser will keep users anonymous while they view their favorite content on Twitch.

6. Vivaldi


It might be an ideal browser for users who love to stream multiple live streams on Twitch simultaneously. The open-source web browser is easily customizable.

Features of Vivaldi:

  1. It includes an efficient, modern, and safe interface that allows the expansion of the screen space of the computer.
  2. The flexible browser comes with a wide range of features such as tab stacking, less usage of resources, AdBlocker, free VPN, and customization. These features make Twitch streaming more attractive. Despite loads of features, the browser can load within a few seconds.
  3. Vivaldi allows users to enable all features to use during the interface. With the help of integrated features, users can watch high-resolution streams and stream on Twitch TV simultaneously.
  4. Fewer Browser’s memory and CPU consumption make it one of the best browsers for Twitch streaming. 


However, Vivaldi does not offer a feature for syncing bookmarks, passwords, and settings. 

7. Epic:

Epic Browser

It is a simplified edition of the Chrome browser. It is an apt browser for lower-end systems with no compromise on performance.

Features of Epic:

  1. Some features given in the browser help prevent tracking scripts and ads, safeguard users’ privacy while browsing or viewing videos, and stream on Twitch.
  2. It protects users’ connection with end-to-end encryption, guards against spying and data abuse even when users browse in incognito mode.

8. Waterfox:


The browser helps the traditional NPAPI plug-ins such as Silverlight and Java and XUL Firefox extensions.

Features of Waterfox:

  1. It has more customization features for users.
  2. Waterfox is quite similar to Firefox. It uses fewer system resources; therefore, users can enjoy seamless stream video games and watch live streams on the Twitch platform.
  3. They can view video streams of up to 720p.
  4. Users can save bookmarks, passwords, and block ads along with private browsing.


Users who have a 32-bit system might face some performance issues, as Waterfox needs a 64-bit system.

9. GNU IceCat:

Gnu Icecat

It might be an ideal browser for users to watch their favorite streaming videos on Twitch or stream themselves on the Twitch platform. GNU IceCat is an edition of the Mozilla suite. It has been designed on the GNU version, which is used by Firefox as well. IceCat is created to battle out not compulsory non-free software that is frequently suggested to Firefox users.

Features of GNU IceCat:

It is a lightened edition of Firefox that allows streaming in 1080p and running a video game in better quality. It consumes less memory and still allows consumers to watch live Twitch streaming or stream themselves effortlessly. It also has features like spy block, fingerprinting countermeasures, LibreJS, and HTTPS everywhere redirect. Though IceCat does not have much integration, functions can be integrated by installing free add-ons.

10. Chrome

Google Chrome

Chrome can be a good choice for streaming or viewing streams on the Twitch platform provided users have a good gaming system, as it is a memory-eating browser.

Features of Chrome:

  1. Although this browser uses little more memory of the system, it remains one of the safest, easiest, and highly developed browsers of the lot.
  2. Consumers need to have a good gaming system for streaming Twitch videos of 1080p on Chrome effortlessly.
  3. If users still feel that streaming videos are slow, they can easily install add-ons from a third party that will elevate the performance of the browser.

Consumers can try using any HTML5 web browser to view live streaming on Twitch, however, this platform needs added resources to stream video games effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Twitch perform better on the app or browser?

At times, it can be hard for users to find the best browser for Twitch streaming.  Although Twitch has a Windows 10 application, a huge number of consumers still use web-based Twitch applications. Using a web browser for Twitch streaming will save the PC from being overloaded with different applications. With a web browser, consumers will not have to download the desktop Twitch app, which will keep the PC snag-free.

Is Twitch is a better platform for streaming?

In recent times, Twitch is one of the popular options for people to have gaming sessions and watch video games. It is accessible on many platforms such as desktop, mobile, set-up boxes, and browser. There are many user-friendly features for streamers and viewers. Twitch is an out-and-out game streaming platform. It is easier for streams to build a following on Twitch as it has a huge viewership. Twitch has many alluring features for new streamers such as an in-built audience. Most new content creators are moving to Twitch before they make enough following to switch to other streaming platforms. It offers its in-house software for broadcasting from the system. It has premium and free trial options available. Twitch offers free games and various bonus items for its subscribers. It included a wide variety of content for viewers. A feature such as mobile broadcasting as well is accessible on Twitch. 

Is Twitch app better as compared to the browser?

Many users have been facing occasional glitches and functioning issues while using the Twitch app. On the other hand, streamers and watchers can experience better performance on the web app of Twitch. Steamers have limited features on the app; it does not have customized sound alerts for raids, hosts, and subscriptions in the chat. Twitch app provides more flexibility to consumers who want to view streams or Vloggers. Web browser app gives a wide range of features and consistency to users who stream on Twitch from home or office. Users can have exceptional viewing and streaming experience with the web browser app.


Along with the most suitable browsers, stable internet connectivity and a good system as well affect users’ Twitch live streaming experience. However, choosing the most suitable browser might help users have seamless live gaming sessions and video streaming exposure on the Twitch Platform.